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General Terms and Conditions
This warranty, provided by Lion Chemtech, applies to the original owner of a permanently installed Tristone™
Solid Surface purchased after [ENTER DATE] in the United States and Canada. In order for this warranty to apply,
Tristone™ must be fabricated and installed by authorized fabricator/installer, utilized and maintained according to the instructions provided by Lion Chemtech. During the first 10 years after the date of initial installation of Tristone™ product, any manufacturing
failure (as determined by an a warranty service agent), not including damages caused by physical or chemical abuse, damages from
excessive heat, or damages from acts of nature, is covered under this warranty.
This warranty does not cover the following:
1. Misuse
2. Abuse
3. Improper installation or maintenance.
4. Failure to follow instructions provided in the Tristone™ User Guide (available at www.tristonesurfoces.com)
including, but not limited to, fabrication, installation, care, maintenance. etc.
5. Physical, chemical or other abuse including, but not limited to, damage from improper cleaning solutions such
as bleach or drain cleaner, damages from vandalism, stains, scratches, water spots, and dropping of
heavy/sharp objects.
6. Excessive heat exposure to a degree that would cause the product to display white marks, cracks and
other unreasonable defect.
7. Acts of nature including, but not limited to weather efects, fire, flood extreme exposure to the outdoors.
8. Removal or dissatisfaction in appearance of accessory items including, but not limited to, joints, seams,
adhesive, caulk, etc.
9. Minor conditions such as scratches, stains, burn marks, water stops and other. Due to the unique properties
of Tristone™ Solid Surface, these minor conditions can be corrected by following techniques specified in
Tristone™ Care & Maintenance (available at www.tristonesurfoces.com).
10. Workmanship of the Fabricator or Installer.
11. Color variation from the Sample.
12. Damages from other than manufacturing defect.

If the customer is unsatisfied with the color selection of the product during or after the installation of Tristone™ ,
this warranty does not cover the correction of the color selection.
Tristone™ not installed by authorized fabricators/installers is not covered under this warranty, nor products
made by other suppliers or manufacturers.